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Our team

Around six nature enthusiasts form the team of Minto - Tingvall, all experienced outdoor teachers and nature educators, additionally qualified in climbing and canoeing. We always develop ideas and concepts together. This ensures a reliably high quality of our products. And it gives them their very own, personal touch – typically Minto.

How it all began

It was in the 1990s, on the banks of the Yukon River, at the foot of the village of Minto. Here we made the decision to turn our passion for the North and our experience in outdoor sports into a profession. Several stops later in 2008 we got the opportunity to buy the Tingvall Eco-Lodge: a seminar house built as an environmental showcase with sustainable energy systems. This was the birth of Minto-Tingvall, which today welcomes guests from all over the world and is enthusiastic about its idea of experiencing nature and sustainability.

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Bookings for hotel rooms/cottages only (NB! not package bookings):

General information

The following rules apply unless some special agreement has been made. Special rules apply for conferences, group bookings and activities. See below.

Booking and confirmation

A booking is binding after it has been confirmed and you have been given a booking number. This can be done orally, in writing or via our booking system. When you make a booking, you must give your name, address, time of arrival and departure, and method of payment. 

Arrival and departure

The hotel room is available earliest from 16.00 on the day of arrival. You must vacate your room latest 11.00 on the day of departure. The room is reserved for arrival latest 19.00. If you are going to arrive later, you must notify the reception. The late arrival must be confirmed in writing by the hotel in order for it to be valid. Late check-in are possible with extra charge. 

Cancellation and no-show

Cancellations must be made latest three ays before arrival (local time).  If you do not show up and have not cancelled or if you cancel later than three days before arrival, you are obliged to pay for the whole booking . If the hotel has incurred special costs because of your booking, you may be obliged to pay compensation.

Tingvalls obligations and your wishes

If  Tingvall cannot provide a guest with a room as agreed, the guest has the right to be given a similar or better room at Tingvall at no extra cost. If that is not possible, a room at a hotel of a similar standard will be provided but that hotel does not have to be of the same type (e.g. does not eco standard).

Specify your wishes when you make your booking to ensure the hotel is properly prepared.

All our rooms are non-smoking rooms. If you breach the prohibition to smoke, Tingvall has the right to charge you. If you want to bring a pet with you, please say so when you make your booking (an additional charge will be made). The guest is obliged to notify and compensate Tingvall if the room, cottage or any fittings that belong to Tingvall are damaged during the rental period.

The storage of valuables and baggage

The hotel can store your baggage but never takes responsibility for handed-in items. The hotel has no obligation to store property that is of a high value. The hotel has no strict responsibility for the property you store in the hotel room. If a key is lost, it is the guest’s responsibility to bear the costs incurred. By law, the hotel has the right to retain luggage as security for a claim against a guest and in certain cases may also sell it, in accordance with established rules.

Your own safety

Always inform yourself of where emergency exits, alarm buttons and fire extinguishers are located. For detailed information, look on the inside of the hotel room door.

Renting equipment

You are responsible for returning rented equipment to Granö Beckasin at the right time and in clean and good condition. You will be charged if you break off the activity at a place other than the stipulated destination or if the equipment has been damaged. All participation is at your own risk.

Booking conferences and activities for companies

Visita’s cancellation rules apply for cancellations. www.visita.se

Cancellations must made in writing.

Up to four weeks before arrival, cancellation is free of charge.

If a cancellation is made four weeks prior to arrival, 25% of the value of the booking will be charged; three weeks before arrival 50% will be charged; two weeks before arrival 75%, and one week before arrival, 100% of the value of the booking. If Tingvall has incurred special costs because of the cancellation, these must be compensated in full by the person who made the booking, in addition to the value of the booking.

Changes to the number of guests, up to 10% of the number of pre-booked guests, can be made up to one week before arrival free of charge. After that, the booked number of guests will be invoiced even if there are fewer people in the party.

Welcome to Tingvall


We take our guest privacy very seriously and apply a very stric policy. Our DPO (Data Protection Officer) is Elke Sponholz 

Collection and storage of personal data

We only collect personal data needed for lawful reasons in order for us to be able to deliver the hotel stay in a safe and legal way for both us and the guest. As we only use personal data for the purposes mentioned in the point above we assume the guest gives consent by a clear affirmative action (entering their own personal data by themselves and confirming the reservation )

We collect the following personal data:

name, address, phone-number, e-mail address, and credit card data. We never collect personal data for accompanying children under 16.We only store personal data like credit card number until three months after check-out of the guest in line with Swedish legislation. Three months after check-out the personal data is deleted. 

We store your personal data like name and adress for as long as necessary to fulfil legal and contractual obligations. If the storage of you data is no longer necessary to fulfil the legal or contractual obligations we delete your data. Unless the transfer is necessary for Fulfilment of commercial and tax storage obligations. Under the Swedish Tax Payment Act, invoices must be stored for seven years.

Any incident related to data breach or theft of data is immediately reported Privacy Commission.

Usage of personal data 

We only use personal data to be able to deliver the hotel stay in a safe way for both us and the guest and in line with Swedish legislation We will never use personal data for marketing purposes We will never use personal data for profiling purposes We will never sell or use personal data that we have received to a third party 

Guest data access requests 

If a guest asks for their personal data, we will immediately provide it free of charge. We actively communicate which personal data we store about the guest to the guest both through the booking confirmation and in the arrival information. The only exception to this rule is credit card information which we only send encrypted and only upon specific request.

MiNTO   ways into nature

Adventurous nature experiences such as kajaking, canoeing, biking and rockclimbing, iceskating or exploring historic cultural environments ...

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A place to feel safe and secure

We are adapting Tingvall Eco-Lodge and our work in response to the COVID-19
 We continuously adapt our activities to the present rules and regulations as to coronavirus. The interior of Tingvall minimize the risk of being infected as there is plenty of space in the common areas, the front door leads directly out to fresh air and the surrounding landscape. The simplicity of the interior also makes cleaning easy and efficient.
Our place is a safe place to live both for you and for others.
Cancel a booking  :
You can always cancel a booking according to our rules. For you own safety we recommend a travel insurance.