idea and sustainability

Welcome to Minto in Tingvall, our little oasis in the heart of Bohuslän.
Here, in the wild and romantic countryside between Oslo and Gothenburg, you can experience nature from its untouched side with us.
At Tingvall we welcome people from all over the world, regardless of their nationality, religion, age, disability or sexual identity.

Idea and ecology

Whether canoeing and sea kayaking tours, climbing courses, cultural and adventure hikes, night excursions into the Bronze Age, a fishing boat tour in the archipelago, mushroom seminars in autumn or ice-skating hikes in winter: with us you can let your spirit of adventure run wild – and find yourself on your own.

Without leaving a trace

We follow our “no trace” concept in all our ways. Like the natives of North America, whom we met on our travels in Canada and the U. S. A. , we move “silently” through forest, water and corridors. We treat all life with respect and leave as few traces as possible. We live and communicate this idea in our Tingvall Eco-Lodge and on our tours.

An excellent idea – in the truest sense of the word: The independent Green Tourism Business Scheme has awarded us the Green Tourism Gold Standard, the highest standard for sustainable tourism.

Sustainability – a simple word with many meanings ...

...but in a common direction: to satisfy the needs of the present in such a way that the possibilities of future generations throughout the world are not restricted.

Sustainability is our principle of action, which you experience on our tours and during a visit to Tingvall.


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MiNTO   ways into nature

Adventurous nature experiences such as kajaking, canoeing, biking and rockclimbing, iceskating or exploring historic cultural environments ...

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A place to feel safe and secure

We are adapting Tingvall Eco-Lodge and our work in response to the COVID-19
 We continuously adapt our activities to the present rules and regulations as to coronavirus. The interior of Tingvall minimize the risk of being infected as there is plenty of space in the common areas, the front door leads directly out to fresh air and the surrounding landscape. The simplicity of the interior also makes cleaning easy and efficient.
Our place is a safe place to live both for you and for others.
Cancel a booking  :
You can always cancel a booking according to our rules. For you own safety we recommend a travel insurance.